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Tribes: Ascend! QuakeCon Gameplay footage!

Hey all!

Even een kleine update brengen! Zoals de meeste al allemaal weten komt T:A eraan en vorig weekend was het QuakeCon waar je de alpha kon spelen!

Er zijn echt enorm veel filmpjes op YouTube met zelfs vele betere kwaliteit, maar de volgende geeft ook op de achtergrond veel informatie.

Gamespot bv heeft 7 gameplay clips van de volgende map, moet je maar is opzoeken:

2 spelers met hun impression van het spel:

Ik kan echt niet wachten op dit spel en hoop echt dat ze er iet van maken. Ze zijn blijkbaar toch al een stuk beter bezig dan Irrational Games met hun T:V :P

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Starcraft 2 BETA, STARTED!!!!!!!!!

It has BEGUN!

If anyone has access to the beta, please send us over your impressions, plenty of people here are plenty curious :-)



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Happy CIA Birthday

It's that time of year again. Exams are almost over, taxes are due and half the country is on strike.
Of course none of that all matters, cause we're celebrating the existance of 8 years CIA.

Eight years of mindless chatter, kicking shins and hardcore pornography rampaging the lower regions of the worldwild web.

After a few quiet years, this might be the one where we kick back into some serious action, with some (long expected) StarCraft II. About time too, cause some of us are getting dangerously close to dementia.

The important lesson to learn is: We're still here !

And don't you forget it

PS: Also a happy b-day to our housecat Garfield who is now exactly 30 years old.
PPS: Wanted to make this a newspost, but I don't really see how...

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SIte update

Ok, I'll try to sum up all the changes that have occured to the website!

-Main website: See forum activity, wrote a little script that shows you the new posts (excluding forum Battle Shack & Conspiracy Tubes)
-Added a game portal accessible only to registered members and above.
-Added a point system to the forum which tracks your activity and rewards you with points and awards
-Added a pet battle mod to the forum which allows you to spend your points on a war pet, with which you can battle against other members.
-Added a LOT of security patches to the forum, including anti spam and bot registration.
-Added a lot of AJAX stuff to the forum, making it a smoother experience when browsing on it.
-Changed forum layout, while waiting for Starcraft 2 to be released :-)
-Added some modifications to the way posts are made and look, including the ability to hide your post for certain usergroups, top game awards, smilies in quick reply.
-To top it all off a Shout box was added (visible only to registered members) in order to accompany the gamehall, that way you can have a chat with eachother while gaming, even when at work and behind a firewall :-)
-Added video sharing portal (accessible through the forum). Visible to guests, but usable only by members.

One note however, we are having some server issues, which I hope to resolve when Locopyro shows his face again. More specific, we are having some server memory issues which result in short but annoying downtimes on the server, usually during morning hours.

Thanks for reading!

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Gregorius Nekschot

Gregorius Nekschot, a Dutch (that's Holland) cartoonist has been arrested. Appearantly they have been looking for him for three (!) years. I've known about the Nekschot cartoons for several years now, and even though I don't like them all, I was surprised in a positive way about the totally uncensored nature of the cartoons. As a supporter of freedom of expression, I want to give my digital support to cartoonist, and hope -with him- that the world will come to their sences instead of diabolizing criticism. Censorship is NEVER the answer. Deal with your problems/criticism head-on instead of resorting to means that compare to the Spanish Inquisition!

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New forum

Thanks to Loco for upgrading our forum and preserving ALL our data! Yay yay yay!

The layout will be updated and made to look like the main website, however due to me going on vacation this will not happen untill next week!

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Protoss preview video

Boy I'm getting old, apparently this video has been around for quite some time now, I however had not seen it yet as it doesn't seem to be officially posted on the Blizz website?

This is what I'm talking about:

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Massive forum pwnage

Having outsourced the forum upgrade to LocoPyro Inc. it seems today might be the day our old forum goes to heaven. In case of power failure, fire, roadkill, refrain from entering a state of panic and just wait for help.

Thank you Loco <3

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Seems to be going ok now...

Browsers all seem to be happy with our CSS code now, IE still tempts to give a little different look to the site but nothing nasty, just a little detail which I can live with.

The front page has been tweaked to hell now, and it's finaly behaving nicely hehe, few. I cleaned up some nasty icons that were made for the white theme which I was testing first, so if something looks odd, a simple refresh might just solve your problems.

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Today, I had a crappy day. Anyhow here I am, testing a blog, which looks awesome :) This site is getting sexier every friggin hour, go go vision ;O

ps: sorry da ik gistere ni antwoorde, kwas dus ni aan men pc