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Starcraft II release date is...

early 2010
40% (2 votes)
mid 2010
0% (0 votes)
late 2010
40% (2 votes)
early 2011
0% (0 votes)
don't care just gievf
20% (1 vote)
Total votes: 5
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New SC2 vid: PvT

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Happy 9th birthday CIA!

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New battlereport leaked for Starcraft II

The third Battlereport showing an awesome micro managemet game of Zerg vs Protoss, highly recommended!

Click the link above to find out where to watch it :-)

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Starcraft II death animations

Yes, indeed, death animations!

Seems like the crazy bastards among you are not alone in this universe, Blizzard has posted a video of the current death animations they are working on in Starcraft II

Don't miss it!

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New Q&A with blizz offers new insight in gameplay

1. Are any other units aside from the Dark Templar going to have multiple models (ie. male and female Ghosts)?

Currently, we're not considering any other units for multiple models.

2. In the original StarCraft and Brood War, Carriers have been very rarely used for competitive matches due to their ineffectiveness in small numbers because of their critical mass effect. Up until now, what changes or ideas have played with to increase their effectiveness in small numbers with or without other ships for support, and what is the current status on the Carrier? Also, what about the Battlecruiser?

In general, it's still better if you have as many carriers or battlecruisers as possible in the battle. However, small numbers of carriers or battlecruisers will be still very useful for supporting both ground and air units.

3. We were told recently that workers can't patrol. This makes SCV auto-repair a lot less useful. (In Warcraft III, you could set a worker to patrol, and it would auto-repair any damaged buildings or mechanical units nearby. Great for keeping towers (and bunkers!) alive.)

SCVs can patrol, so if you activate auto-casting of the SCV's repair ability, that SCV will repair damaged buildings or units it encounters while on patrol. The SCV will repair nearby units and buildings and continue its designated patrol pattern again after the repairs are complete.

4. What use does the Overlord usually see versus the Nydus Worm? That is, in what capacity is each transport mechanic used?

It all depends on a player's choice in each case. When you want try out a sneaky and clever attack on the enemy's base, the nydus worm can be useful in that role as a more tactical and general choice for harassing the enemy's economy. However, you can also use a mass overlord drop just like the original StarCraft, for an aggressive, all-out attack. However, the overlord drop is riskier, as you're putting much of your supply and the cargo in jeopardy if you encounter strong anti-air defense.

5. Can Thors or Colossi be transported in any way?

Thors and colossi can be transported by each race's transportation units: the medivac and the warp prism.

6. How do you use the Thor's resurrection ability? Does it cost resources to use?

Thor doesn't have the resurrection ability any more in the current build. While the mechanic was a cool idea on paper, it didn't end up being especially practical when we tried it in internal playtesting.

7. How has more efficient AI and pathfinding affected the game? Does it make the game easier?

AI in StarCraft II is much more developed from the original StarCraft. For example, the computer is required to scout to find you now in every difficulty mode. In higher difficulty modes, the AI will adapt to what it sees you are building to counter your selected strategy with key units of their own. This means that the computer no longer cheats as far as "knowing" where you are and what you're doing. It can only react to what it sees when their scouts find your units and bases.

The pathfinding is also much improved in StarCraft II, which will reduce some frustration when directing your units to move long distances around varying terrain. Certain melee units are also smarter about attempting to surround enemies, but we don't believe this makes the game "easier." Players who choose to micro their armies will still have an advantage.

8. I would like to know if the MULE can repair air units and lifted-off buildings, and in turn, could we see MULEs being called down in the front lines to repair Battlecruisers and Thors or in the corner of the map to repair a burning Command Center that was lifted off to escape an attack? Also, at what rate does a MULE repair? Faster or slower than an SCV?

The mule is only for gathering minerals or scouting. You cannot repair units or structures with the mule.

9. Regarding the "Discussion with Artosis and Idra" video - does their prediction that Zerg vs. Zerg is degrading into "Roach spam" have any validity? Will ZvZ matchups frequent a more diverse selection of units beyond Zerglings, Roaches, and Mutalisks?

We would like to see as many units as possible being used in the battle, instead of some selected units like zerglings, roaches, and mutalisks. We are still polishing and balancing units including the roach, and hope to see how the players will make various combinations of units during the beta.

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Official Starcraft II BETA CONFIRMED + FAQ

Hey lads, the official Starcraft II BETA FAQ + DUE DATE has been released by Blizzard. Please find below all the currently available information regarding the Betaaaaaa!!!

Blizzard president Mike Morhaime:

"This summer we will be opening up external beta testing, and while we haven't announced a release date yet, this phase will also signal the final stretch [of development on the game],"

Signups for the beta officially opened yesterday, with users able to opt-in to the test by way of their profiles. The test will focus on the multiplayer mode, featuring all three of the title's races and several maps.

"Our priority now is completing the core game," added Morhaime. "Once that is complete, our focus will shift [to the two expansions]."

How do I sign up for the StarCraft® II beta?

In order to sign up for the StarCraft II beta, you first need to register a account. You can opt in to the beta for StarCraft II, as well as betas for future Blizzard Entertainment games, through our new beta opt-in process. To get started, simply click "Beta Profile Settings" in Account Management.

To be considered, you must create a beta profile containing your system specifications (see below) and indicate which Blizzard Entertainment games you’re interested in beta testing -- be sure to check the box for the StarCraft universe. Once you’ve successfully uploaded a beta profile, the associated account is added to a pool of potential beta testers.

What is a beta profile?

A beta profile is a snapshot of your current system specifications. It includes such information as how much RAM you have, available hard drive space, your graphics card and driver, and other information about your system. We gather this information to ensure that we are able to test our games on a wide range and distribution of systems.

How do I get selected to become a beta tester?

Participants for each beta test will be selected from the pool of eligible testers who have opted in based on their system specifications, beta-test preferences, and other factors, including pure luck. Opting in does not guarantee you will be selected to participate in a beta test.

How will I be notified if I am selected for a beta test?

In the event you are selected to participate in a beta test, you will receive an e-mail informing you and directing you to Account Management. From there, you will be able to download the beta client and obtain a beta key. If chosen, you will need to agree to the StarCraft II Beta Agreement prior to installing the client.

I attended BlizzCon 2008 and received a code for the StarCraft II beta. Do I have to go through this process?

There is a separate process in place for players who received StarCraft II beta codes from BlizzCon 2008. To redeem your BlizzCon 2008 beta code, visit the beta sign-up page (don’t worry that the page says World of Warcraft), and enter the code from your BlizzCon 2008 card, along with a valid email address that you check often.

Once you’ve completed these steps, we will contact you via email at some point during the StarCraft II testing process with further instructions. Please note that in order to participate after your receive the invitation, you will need to sign up for a new account (if you haven’t done so already).

Why do I have to download an application to create a beta profile?

Our beta opt-in application allows us to gather information about potential beta testers’ systems quickly and accurately, helping us ensure that the resulting pool of beta testers we select most closely represents the range and distribution of systems we wish to test.

How does the beta opt-in application work?

Running the beta opt-in application quickly and automatically generates a profile based on your system specifications. It then displays this information and asks if you wish to submit the specifications to create a beta profile for the account you used to download the application.

Does the application also profile the software I have installed on my system?

No, the opt-in application simply scans the major hardware components of your system, along with your graphics card driver. Other system information, such as the contents of your hard drive, is not scanned.

Will entering multiple times improve my chances of being selected?

Each account can only opt in once, so you are unable to opt in multiple times to improve your chances.

Will opting in early improve my chances of being selected?

Beta invitees will be selected periodically from the entire pool of players who have chosen to opt in and who meet the requirements. Opting in early doesn’t mean you’ll be invited sooner than someone who signs up after you.

I created a new account, but I’m unable to opt in. Why?

In order for a account to be able to opt in to upcoming beta tests, you must have at least one Blizzard Entertainment game that you own attached to the account. Please note that the World of Warcraft trial edition does not count toward this requirement. Having more than one game attached to an account or having specific games attached to an account will not affect your chances to be selected.

When does the StarCraft II beta test start?

We don’t have an exact start date to share at this time, but note that when it does begin, we will be adding additional regions to the beta test in phases. North America, Australia, and New Zealand will be the first regions to begin beta testing, and other regions will follow afterward in phases. We will have more information to share about all of these phases in the future.

The reason for setting up the beta in regional phases is that it takes time to set up and configure our testing infrastructure in each area. Bringing up one region at a time makes the overall testing process for StarCraft II and more efficient from a development perspective, making the test more effective, and allowing us to complete the game more quickly than if we attempted to start the beta test in all regions at the same time. We will share more information about the start dates for the beta in different regions at a later date.

When I first signed up for a account, I checked a box to indicate I wanted to participate in Blizzard betas, but I didn’t submit a beta profile with my system specs. Do I need to complete this new process?

Yes. In order to be considered for the StarCraft II beta and any other upcoming Blizzard Entertainment betas, you’ll need to upload your beta profile through the application found in Account Management.

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New Starcraft II gameplay movie

Elloooow! Er is een nieuw gameplay filmke gereleased van Starcraft II! Echt nice, het is een 22 min. battle tusse de zergs en terran met extra commentaar erbij enz.

Have fun!


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Starcraft II closed beta!


The (kinda) bad news: tis volledig random als ge gekoze wordt ^^

That is all, pricks.

PS: hoe voegde fotos toe aan een newspost? :o

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Madworld for Wii is approaching

March 2009, the month the Wii finally grew some balls...

Can't wait...