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Starcraft II Beta Update

Blizzard has a fixed date for the beta. However, it’s still a secret. The multiplayer part of the game is basically done except for a few details. There will be several more opportunities to participate in the beta to come (including competitions, perhaps a kind of story competition or similar).

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Dark Templar VOTING!

Official votes are enabled to decide the final look/animation of the Starcraft 2 DARK TEMPLAR!

Go and vote here:

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Starcraft II HD video's + Happy New Year

Dated just shortly from before the official 'Battle Report', here's two high def vids for everyone to dissect!

This and of course to everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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Will you play Diablo III?

Probably yes, but if I do, without [CIA]
0% (0 votes)
Probably, and if I do, with [CIA]
40% (2 votes)
Probably not
20% (1 vote)
Definitely not
0% (0 votes)
Hell yes, and with [CIA]
40% (2 votes)
Total votes: 5
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It's approaching fast!

According to the latest interviews the beta will go open to a 'larger' audience EARLY 2009. Looking at the latest evolutions of the game which got me all excited again, despite the three race release shitstorm, this is good news!

Read it and see it here:

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Gmail gets THEMES

Totaly unrelated to clan activities whatsoever, I did notice that quite a few of us use gmail so here we go:

Gmail has enabled themes (and they're quite nice already) just now, and one theme is called NINJA! It certainly makes your gmail experience a little bit more pleasant in case you have that window open all day long :-)

The old theme still feels very good (which received an update aswell), but it's hard to resist the evolving themes for the moment. Your theme changes it's look according to your local weather etc... But as it's raining non-stop here, it might just be that our theme only starts evolving around August :-)

More info:

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SC2 vids

Hey all,

A roundup of some really nice replays showing some of the SC2 units in action. While I was feeling a bit let down by the additions to starcraft and too much of the 'same old same old' returning, these replays certainly made me a believer again :-)

Yellow vs SOnkie 1/2:
Yellow vs Sonkie 2/2:

Extra: Part 1:
Extra: Part 2:

(+ check part 2 & 3 in Youtube Related Videos Menu)

Savior Zerg Overview:

There ya go, I'm sure there's plenty more, if anyone knows some links to some High Quality vids, please post them as I'm sure everyone wants to see ;-)

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In-depth look at starcraft II + WoW expansion pack

Our colleagues over at TL have made a thorough preview for us to devour while waiting for our own preview copy, it's a lengthy piece but it lives up to its title!

Go to the above mentioned link for more info!


Other than that, Blizzard is releasing their expansion pack for WoW, in case you should still be playing this, tomorrow the 13th of November. From what I read apparently the two factions receive a new, yet the same, class, called a Death Knight. This due to the fact that not enough resources were available to invent two classes :-O You can get another 10 levels and grow a bigger e-peen while giving your character a new haircut though...



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Diablo 3 and Starcraft II shizzle!

Oh fuckin' yeah! New shit about Diablo 3 makes me go loco! On BlizzCon 08, Blizzard announced a new class for Diablo 3! The Wizard! Blizzard hasn't told us much about the new class yet, but did release 3 clips which shows us some nice spells and gameplay.

Thank you fragland:

And now some "meh" news about Starcraft II! On BlizzCon 08, they announced that Starcraft II is going to be split in 3 stand alone games. Each game will have a huge singleplayer story about 1 race. The first game that will be released, is named "Terrans: Wings of Liberty", the second one is "Zerg: Heart of the Swarm" and last "Protoss: Legacy of the Void".

No worries about the multiplayer part though! You will be able to play the 3 races onlinee without problems and all 3 stand-alone games will be able to play against each other through bnet! :)

PS: werd nog eens tijd da ik poste gvd! xD