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Starcraft 2 approaching!

Yeh biatches! I'm back from vacation, woohooo, how the weather sucks here again, exactly the same as I left it! To cheer up your day a little bit here's an official Blizzard statement for everyone:

"Blizzard’s senior vice president of product development, hasn’t revealed much, but it did confirm that there is no super-secret StarCraft 2 closed beta testing group, and that the beta is months away at best."

Woop woop woop wooooooop. For me, this sounds great, I was expecting the beta to be at least a years away at best.

New HD movies from SC2:

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Google's answer to Second Life

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Wall-e Review

Review added to the review section (click the Review button in the menu bar on top of this page) about Wall-e, the movie, check it out!

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Starcraft 2 @ WWI 2008

Hi dudes!

Some Lucky peopple got there hands on a preview of Starcraft 2.


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Preview of future Wii hardcore games

Click HERE for our very first (p)review since we closed down the previous review system for an overhaul!

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Diablo 3!!!

Diablo 3? DIABLO 3?? DIABLO 3!!!! Yeeeeeees its official! Holy crap mates! Blizzard shows us again that they can create awesome games! They have a huge gameplay movie online showing the Barbarian class which is 50x cooler then before and even a NEW class, the Witch Doctor which also seems very useful for parties :)

Now go ya little dirty rats and check that sexy site out at:

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Happy CIA Birthday

It's that time of year again. Exams are almost over, taxes are due and half the country is on strike.
Of course none of that all matters, cause we're celebrating the existance of 8 years CIA.

Eight years of mindless chatter, kicking shins and hardcore pornography rampaging the lower regions of the worldwild web.

After a few quiet years, this might be the one where we kick back into some serious action, with some (long expected) StarCraft II. About time too, cause some of us are getting dangerously close to dementia.

The important lesson to learn is: We're still here !

And don't you forget it

PS: Also a happy b-day to our housecat Garfield who is now exactly 30 years old.
PPS: Wanted to make this a newspost, but I don't really see how...

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Didn't know she had a tattoo...

It's our former friend Dalene, I understood she's gotten old nowadays, but well, ..

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Starcraft Q&A 40 is out

Check it out here:

Battlecruisers! (New screens!)

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iPhone 3G out in Belgium

11 juli in store

Supposed to be 'available for no more then $199', that's freakin' awesome in my opinion.