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Sign up for Blizzard beta!

Blizz has renewed their online store, go and make an account and select the option at the end that puts you in the official pool of BETA applicants!

"[...] even if you’re not planning on purchasing a Blizzard game in the future, is the beta-test eligibility. Signing up and requesting to join the beta-test lottery gives you a chance to participate in future Blizzard beta-tests - perhaps even for StarCraft 2!"

Anothergood reason to sign up, and the real reason I signed up is this one "Creating an account for the store also allows those of you who own physical versions of Blizzard’s games to register them on the site and have digital access to them indefinitely, from any computer." (!!)



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Yeah guys, read your emails and send your request to participate in the private beta! I was too late unfortunately and have been placed in queue, but should soon be able to participate (according to the email)!

Check here:

And look here for what seems to be the new spinfusor?

So to join the Beta queue, read your Instant Action newsletter, and somewhere in the middle they tell you 'email a blank mail to this blablabla', just do that and in a couple of minutes you will receive an answer. I signed up 12 hours after I received the mail and the 1000 invitations were already overbooked...

Rumors state that there will be an open beta near the end of June.

Now go and sign up, check it out! SC2 and FL all at the same time, grah, it's getting too much for me to handle, wiiiii

Official new trailer:

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Japanese TV opens up a whole new world...

After Pope's comment concerning the huge amount of crazy Japanese game shows I went on a search and found this (No nude scenes),item,574197616.aspx

Less crazy but funny Fear Factor kinda vid:

Japanese making fun of Americans:

Japanese, uh, truth or dare?

This one I really don't get

Same for this one

This one, give the wrong answer and see what happens..

Japanese dutchmen

This you can't watch at the office, but is the same kinda crap as posted on the forum:

Anyway, pretty safe to say we have different cultures!

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Automatic outlogging on ite and forum fix

Delete cookies and log in again, seems to do it. Thanks Loco & Hell.

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No news...

On the starcraft 2 front, however, do check out these high res screenshots if you have some time to spare:

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Starcraft 2: Less 3D, More 2D

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Starcraft 2, Z V P game

Don't blame me for being overanxious after watching this... (btw part 2 & 3 are to be found on the right side of the flash player, obviously)

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Will you play Starcraft II ?

Yes, with [CIA]
89% (8 votes)
Yes, not with [CIA]
0% (0 votes)
I'll install it but rarely if ever play it
0% (0 votes)
11% (1 vote)
Total votes: 9
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StarCraft 2 Zerg movie madness!

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Zerg section online at

The Zerg race was introduced yesterday in Korea.
Although this is not my favorite race, I have to admit that the Zerg are more intriguing in SC2

Following this anouncement Blizzard updated its site with a Zerg section and some new screenshots.

Use the link for quick access to this section: