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Zerg, unveiled ...

Thanks to McDrokz for the information, we can confirm that new screens and vids concerning the zerg are now OUT, because.. we have them.
Check out this thread for updated information

Courtesy of

We have a flux of new screenshots coming in, you can view them all here! I will be going through each one and writing a summary, so stay tuned.

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HUGE SC2 update, New Units, New Screenshots

Here's the new information released by Blizzard, including the NEW TERRAN LOOK and NEW UNITS

Screenshot A: Blink Assault

"In Blink Assault you can clearly see and feel the new sense of Terran grittiness. Team colors are a bit worn from battle and the metal texture in Terran units and building have been desaturated a bit. In this screenshot you can see Immortals take on the pounding of fortified Siege Tanks with their hardened shields, while the Stalkers blink up on the cliffs for the assault."

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Fallen Empire, new trailer online

Check it out at

Ps: Still nothing similar to the disk launcher, only chainguns and rocketlaunchers...

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It's Official, the 10th of march Blizz will officialy show Korea (and the rest of the world) THE ZERG RACE!


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Aaaah new protoss video circulating...

At GDC2008 someone took the time to film (cam) a protoss game, 6 minutes, what's especially pleasing about this vid is the sounds hehe, anyone recognize some of them? :-) I'm not sure if they will change these sounds or not, but I suppose some minor tweaks are bound to happen not to sound exactly the same as before. Anyway, enough talking, check out this vid!!

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Protoss Warp-in: Explained

"Dustin Browder explained how the process of the Protoss Warp-in upgrade works:

* You build Gateways.
* You purchase the Warp-In upgrade on the Cybernetics Core.
* You select your Gateways and transform them into Warpgates This is extremely fast.

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Zerg ULTRALISK leaked!

Fresh news concerning Starcraft 2.

UPDATE: UNIT CONFIRMED ON BATTLE.NET BY KARUNE: "Nice find ;) This IS the new Zerg Ultralisk and you will be learning more and seeing more of it relatively soon. Also, the purple coloring shown on the Ultralisk's back are team colors and will change [colors] accordingly.

Also, I wanted to add that this is not the final version of the Ultralisk, as there is more visual work that has already been done on it, as well as new gameplay features we are testing on it."

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Seems to be going ok now...

Browsers all seem to be happy with our CSS code now, IE still tempts to give a little different look to the site but nothing nasty, just a little detail which I can live with.

The front page has been tweaked to hell now, and it's finaly behaving nicely hehe, few. I cleaned up some nasty icons that were made for the white theme which I was testing first, so if something looks odd, a simple refresh might just solve your problems.

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Today, I had a crappy day. Anyhow here I am, testing a blog, which looks awesome :) This site is getting sexier every friggin hour, go go vision ;O

ps: sorry da ik gistere ni antwoorde, kwas dus ni aan men pc

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Site nightmares

Seems like the site is working now in all browsers except some ancient IE versions, if someone discovers any browser related bugs please let me know.

Other then that the logo is entering it's final state of design, the code seems to be working finaly and now hopefuly members will take the time to make an account and enjoy the extra content!