Protoss unit guide

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Unit Details

Created by merging two templar units, the archon is a powerful melee unit with a very durable force shield and a strong energy-based attack.
Weapons: Psionic Shockwave
Role: Heavy Assault
Can attack ground and air units.

A powerful air unit. Carriers do not have their own attacks but creates interceptors to fight for them.
Weapons: Interceptors
Role: Capital Ship
Can attack ground and air units.

The large quad-legged vehicle fires lasers in a splash pattern well-suited to destroying swarms of weaker units. This unit can also traverse differences in terrain height. Colossus has replaced the role of the Reaver for worker raids. It is capable of climbing level 1 ledges to reach higher ground.

Because of the Colossus's height it will also be able to provide a line of sight for other smaller ranged attackers to attack to a high ground.

The Colossus will be susceptible to Anti Air defenses, such as that from the Terran Missile Turrets, as well as both ground and air attacks. The Colossus will also be vulnerable to the Corruptor's infestation attack.

Although considered a "large" unit, the Colossus will be transportable[1] by the Warp Prism because it will first be changed into energy before being "loaded".

When hit with the Nullifier's Anti-Gravity ability, the Colossus will be lifted into the air and become entirely an air unit for the duration. While suspended in the air it will not be able to attack and will be vulnerable to enemy anti-air fire.
Can be shot down by anti-air units!
Weapons: Twin Thermal Lances
Role: Heavy Support
Can attack ground units.

Dark templar
A permanently cloaked stealth warrior.
Weapons: Modified Warp Blade
Role: Stealth Infiltrato
Can attack ground units

High templar
A physically fragile unit with strong psychic abilities. The High Templar is a mid-to-late game support caster, best used when backed up with other units. If they are left undefended or in the open they can easily be picked off by enemy units, particularly a Ghost using Snipe.

Any combination of two High Templar or Dark Templar can merge to warp in an Archon.
Can attack ground and air units.

Dragoon-like walker with a strong defense against powerful attacks, but vulnerable to weaker attacks. The Immortal's role is primarily a tank, intended to absorb heavy damage from incoming enemy fire and reduce it all to 10 with their Hardened Shields upgrade. This is particularly useful when against the heavy hitters such as the Terran Siege Tank and Thor, Protoss Dark Templar and Archon, or the Zerg Ultralisk and Swarm Guardian.

The Immortal's shields will activate only from heavy fire; attacks that do more than 10 damage. This makes Marines, Reapers, Zerglings, and other small infantry units perfect counters for this powerful Protoss unit.

Similar to the old Dragoon, the Immortals are susceptible to quick attacks that can rapidly whittle away the protective shields to remove their Hardened Shields advantage. Unable to attack air targets, the Immortal will also fall easily to an aerial assault and should always be escorted by Stalkers, Phoenixes or Archons.

They receive a +10 damage bonus against Armored opponents and are one of two units in the open multiplayer, along with the Mothership, that can survive a direct Nuke from the Terrans.
Weapons: Twin Phase Disruptors
Role: Ranged Assault Support
Can attack ground units.

A powerful flying unit that consumes a high amount of resources to produce. It has powerful special abilities. Primarily in support, the Mothership also serves as an excellent offensive unit capable of devastating an unprepared enemy.

One of these is the Time Bomb, a skill that creates a vacuum bubble around the target that disables all incoming fire. This is particularly useful against enemy static defenses and can serve as both a defensive or offensive skill. Any air units, friend or foe, that enter this bubble will also be disabled for the duration.

Vortex is reminiscent of the original Black Hole ability that was briefly shown during the Protoss gameplay demonstration video. However instead of warping enemy ships out of the battlefield, Vortex creates a temporary field that pulls nearby units and disables them for the duration.

The final ability, the Cloaking Field, requires the Mothership to be idle for it to be activated. This field is not considered passive, unlike the original skill from the Arbiter, so it is rumored to drain energy the longer it is activated.
Weapons: Disruptor Pulse
Role: Capital Ship
Can attack ground and air units.

A cloaking air unit that functions as a detector.
Weapons: None
Role: Scout

An aerial fighter. The Phoenix is the bread and butter air unit for the Protoss air fleet, available the moment the Stargate is built. It primary role is anti-air, thus making the Phoenix an excellent escort for the more expensive Carrier, Warp Ray and even the air-vulnerable Colossus.

The fast movement speed also allows the Phoenix to quickly chase down retreating enemy air units, as well as harass and pick off stray dropships and Overlords. The low attack damage makes them weak against heavily armored units, such as the Terran Battlecruiser, but only enforces their support role for other friendly heavy hitters.

The Phoenix also comes with a special Anti-Gravity ability that allows it to lift two nearby enemy or friendly units or structures into the air. While airborne, the affected units are disabled and unable to retaliate and prone to air vs air attacks( such as other nearby pheonix). Anti-Gravity can also be used as a defensive skill, by lifting injured key units away from enemy ground-only attackers such as Siege Tanks, Dark Templar or Ultralisks.
Weapons: Twin Ion Cannons
Role: Air Superiority Fighter
Can attack air units.

The builders of the protoss race. Gather gas and minerals.
Can attack ground units

Previously known as the disruptor, and the nullifier before that. A ground support unit.
Abilities: Guardian shield ability, create hallucinations and force fields.
Can attack ground and air units.

A dragoon-like (Starcraft I) unit, able to blink (short-range teleport) and deliver ranged attacks against air and ground units.
Weapons: Chronal Web
Role: High Mobility Scout, Ambusher
Can attack ground & air units

Void ray
Formerly known as the warp ray, this flying unit deals damage with a blue energy beam that does more damage as it focuses on the same target. Good versus heavily armored targets like buildings, weak against small arms fire. The Void Ray is a Protoss air unit that is built from the Stargate and is capable of attacking both air and ground units. It's primary strength comes through a prolonged attack bonus, and is therefore better suited against large and heavily armored enemy units or structures. This makes the Void Ray inefficient against small targets such as a Marine or Zergling.

Once the Void Ray has begun firing it will follow the target if it begins to move, keeping at a close proximity since it's attack range is quite short.

The Void Ray's base damage is multiplied by 4 after 2 seconds of prolonged attack, and 8x after 4 seconds.
Weapons: Prismatic Beam
Role: Long-range Bombardment
Can attack ground and air units.

Warp Prism
Formerly known as the phase prism, the warp prism is a dual-purpose unit, able to transport units or to create a warp matrix field like the pylon. The primary function of a Warp Prism is to transport Protoss forces on the battlefield. Living and inorganic subjects are transformed into energy, and their unique signature imprinted into the prism's crystal lattice core. On reaching the desired destination the operation is reversed and the stored energy signatures are reconfigured into matter in proximity to the Warp Prism.

A secondary but no less vital function of the Warp Prism is to act as a mobile focus for the Protoss psionic matrix. Once the Prism is deployed it can power Protoss structures around it. In this configuration Warp Prisms can be used to temporarily replace destroyed Pylons in a colony or enable the rapid establishment of a forward base of operations.

The transformation only takes a couple of seconds but the Warp Prism cannot move and will remain stationary unless it is changed back.

A devastating tactic looks to involve the Warp Prism sitting just outside the walkable area on the map and switching to Phasing Mode to allow the warp-in of reinforcements behind the enemy's base.

Standard pwnage Zealot from Starcraft I. Once researched, a Zealot can rush the enemy in a burst of speed to quickly close the gap between itself and the target. This is particularly useful against ranged units such as Marines and Siege Tanks.
Weapons: Psionic *omgwtfbbq* Blades
Role: Assault Warrior
Can attack ground units.