Terran unit guide

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Unit Details

The Banshee in StarCraft II is designed for base raiding and hit-and-run attacks with the ability to Cloak and its powerful air-to-ground missile strike. It does not have any form of air defense so is susceptible to other dedicated anti-air aircrafts, such as the Protoss Phoenix and Zerg Corruptor.
Weapons: Backlash Cluster Rockets
Role: Tactical Strike Aircraft
Can attack ground units.

Along with the Yamato Cannon, Battlecruisers can now be fitted with Missile Barrage and Defensive Matrix. Each Battlecruiser will have their choice between the three upgrades and each choice is considered to be permanent. Also, in place of their one large, powerful laser, they now have four smaller lasers.

The Yamato Cannon returns untouched from the original. When upgraded, this ability allows the Battlecruiser to fire a burst of energy at the selected target to deal a massive amount of damage. The increased range of the Yamato Cannon makes it useful at destroying static defenses.

Missile Barrage is another optional upgrade that adds an anti-air armament to the Battlecruiser. When cast, this ability will unleash a volley of anti-air missiles on all enemy targets at, or nearby, the selected unit or area. This works best on tightly packed groups of flyers - such as the Zerg Mutalisk.

The final upgrade, Defensive Matrix, is a self-cast ability that adds a protective shield around the Battlecruiser. This shield will automatically deflect and reduce any incoming damage, and lasts until either the duration expires or the shield is destroyed.
Weapons: Laser Batteries, Yamato Cannon, Plasma Torpedoes
Role: Capital Ship
Can attack ground and air units.

The Ghost has numerous special abilities. Remaining from Starcraft I are Personnel Cloaking, which renders the Ghost invisible in the absence of a detector, and Nuclear Strike, which calls down the immensely powerful Nuclear Missile.

The Ghost has taken on a more anti-caster role in StarCraft II, and has gained two new skills that will help with this. The first is the Psi-Round, an ability that expands on the previously removed Snipe skill to instead deal increased damage to psionic casters.

The Second Ability, is EMP, which was an ability that the Science Vessel Had before. EMP, when shot at a unit, does 100 damage to that units' shield, and then depletes that units' Psionic Energy, and other units within the vicinity.
Weapons: 25mm C-10 Canister Rifle
Role: Stealth Sniper
Can attack ground and air units

Formerly known as the Jackal, this fast vehicle is armed with a flamethrower suited for destroying masses of weaker units.

Unlike the Vulture, the Hellion cannot attack while on the move and must stop before the attack can commence.

The mounted flamethrower deals an area of effect in a straight line and is ideal for taking out light armored units, from which the Hellion receives an attack bonus. Combine this with the quick speed and increased range upgrade, and the Hellion can easily perform hit and run tactics on a much slower enemy group.
Can attack ground units.

The replacement for the firebat. The Marauder's concussion grenades deal splash damage, with a bonus against Armored units, and have the ability to slow the movement speed of biological enemy units by a set percentage. This slow-down attack is extremely effective against the Zerg and can provide the necessary time needed for allies to take down an oncoming force.

Because the Marauders are able to be built at a Barracks with a Tech Lab, they are considered formidable early support units, able to pick off units of a weaker early game army. A few Marauders in a group can quite easily kite a Zealot without the Charge upgrade with relatively little micromanagement.
Can attack ground units

Will be able to upgrade hit points with a shield.
Weapons: 8mm C-14 Impaler Gauss Rifle
Role: General-purpose Infantry
Can attack ground and air units

Medivac dropship
A dual-purpose unit combining the old dropship and the medic, it is capable of transporting ground units and healing infantry.

A temporary unit that lasts 90 seconds and is summoned by an orbital command that harvests minerals for a limited time span.

Formerly known as the Nighthawk, Vulkan and Nomad, this air detector creates smaller independent munitions. The lack of armaments reduces it to the role of a support and relief unit in warfare and its detection ability will guarantee its use on the front lines.

The Raven's main strength lies in its special abilities. The devastating Hunter Seeker Missile can quickly turn the tide of battle if used correctly, and Point Defense Drone is an excellent tool to reduce damage from enemy fire and keep causalities to a minimum.

The Raven can also deploy the aforementioned Auto Turret that can be used as a temporary defense against assaults from smaller units such as Zealots or Zerglings.

Uses dual pistols, can jet pack up and down ledges and lay mines. The Reaper is also armed with the deadly D-8 Charge, a small magnetic mine that explodes shortly after thrown. The mines receives a bonus against armored units and buildings, making them ideal at quickly taking down static defenses. These D-8 Charges do not require energy or resources to produce, instead they are affected by a cool-down timer similiar to the Protoss Stalker's Blink.

The Reaper receives a bonus in damage when attacking light armored units.
Weapons: P-45 Scythe Gauss Pistols, D-8 Charges
Role: Raider
Can attack ground units

Repair will be "autocast".
Can attack ground units

Siege tank, Crucio
Typical usage on the battlefield lends itself to defensive roles in your base or for besieging/raiding an enemy base. The Siege Tank can be deploy in Siege Mode for added damage against almost anything, at the cost of being unable to move until returned to the Mobile Assault Mode.

Much of the same strategies with the Arclite can also be used with the Crucio. They make excellent siege weapons for destroying the enemy defenses but will still need the same protection against air attackers or those with melee. Combined with the increased cost, it is almost important that the Siege Tank be escorted with Marines, Marauders or Vikings to defend against these weaknesses.

The Siege Tank receives a bonus in damage when attacking armored units.
Weapons: Twin 90mm Cannons (assault mode)
120mm Shock Cannon (siege mode)
Role: Armored Support and Mobile Artillery
Can attack ground units.

This intimidating mechanical unit is named after the Norse god of thunder. The anti-air missiles of the Thor deals splash damage to all nearby enemy units around the target. Though very effective when taking down groups of heavily armored airships, it has been said that the missiles are not quite enough to effectively destroy a Battlecruiser.

The Thor receives a bonus to damage when attacking armored ground and air targets.
Can attack ground and air units.

This terran vehicle can transform from a walking robot into a spacecraft. They are the bread and butter air unit for the Terrans, having replaced the Wraith from StarCraft I as the opening air unit built from the Starport.
Weapons: Twin Gatling Cannon (assault mode)
MT50 Lanzer Torpedoes (fighter mode)
Role: Air Combat/Ground Support
Can attack air or ground units depending on air or ground mode.