Zerg unit guide

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Unit Details

Attacks air units and "corrupts" them rather than destroying them. The Corruptor can attack units counted as air targets only, even if that included Terran buildings in Lift Off, or units/buildings caught in a Anti-Gravity field. The Corruptor will deal damage like a normal unit, but unlike normal units, it will not destroy its enemies outright. Instead it "corrupts" (infests) them and turn the against its other enemies. This ability used together with Focus Fire will turn the tide of a battle, as the enemies turn against themselves.

The only way to efficiently defeat Corruptors is a large enough force that is Focus Firing the Corruptors, and then leaving their fallen comrades behind, to avoid further damage from them.

Brood lord
High hit point ground attacker which replaced the swarm guardian, evolving from the corruptor.

Harvests resources and spawns structures.
Weapons: Some kind of spit..
Can attack ground units.

Ranged attacker. With the ground/air strike capability, the Hydralisk is the best support unit in the Zerg race. Combine their attack with Zerglings, Mutalisks, Guardians (a.k.a. Swarm Guardians), etc. and the enemy will have a much more difficult time halting them.

To help increase production, be sure to build multiple Hatcheries whenever the opportunity arises. With a steady resource stream you should be able to pumping out the Hydralisks in a seemingly never ending stream.

Keep in mind, however, that although the Hydralisks are very useful, they are not the ultimate unit. Mass producing only Hydralisks can bring out their flaws and give a more well balanced enemy force a better chance of defeating them. Simple Psionic Storms can wipe out legions of Hydralisks and Terran Siege Tanks can make mince meat of oncoming Hydralisk hordes before they can even get within range to hit the Tanks.
Weapons: *Spit*
Role: Ranger attacker
Can attack ground and air units.

Can move while burrowed. The infestor is the new offensive caster of the swarm. Its primary offensive ability is Disease. This aoe damage ability is very similar to the defiler's Plague and is absolutely devastating against groups of weaker units. It's second ability is called Neural Parasite, which allows the infestor to temporarily take full control of an enemy unit for a short period of time (10s). While under this effect, the enemy unit can be used to attack its allies, cast spells on them, or even build structures for the zerg force. In addition to these formidable abilities, the infestor can also Spawn Infested Marines to provide itself with cover or anti-air support. As if this isn't enough, this new strain of zerg caster is able to move under the ground while burrowed, and even cast its abilities while concealed beneath the ground, making it a great unit for surprise attacks and worker raids.

Spawns other breeds

The main air unit of the zerg with high movement speed. Their special Glavie Wyrms makes their attack work differently than other unit's attacks. The first unit they hit takes the full force of the blow, but the Wyrm also bounces off to other nearby enemies, dealing damage to them as well, but at a lower rate. In total, the Wyrm bounces two times, and hit up to three targets. If there is only one target nearby, then only one target get hurt with the standard attack.

They are weak to AoE attacks such as Psionic Storm by the High Templar, or other effects that effect many units at once.
Can attack ground and air units.

Produces supply and is no longer a detector automatically. Detection needs to be upgraded (!). It can NO LONGER TRANSPORT units.

An evolution of the overlord. Works as a detector, and is considerably faster than the overlord. The Overseers continues to help with the basic demand for "supply" for the Zerg after they mutated from Overlords. Each Overseer adds 8 to the value of total "Controlled" units.

If an Overseer is left stationary, their line of sight will slowly increase to a great distance. The detection range will not increase with it though, it is a set range. As soon as the unit moves, the sight radius becomes standard. The Overseers are the main source of detection for the Zerg, besides the Shriekers.

A spy created by the overseer. The Changeling is a small unstable Zerg creature with timed life. When he gets near an enemy structure or unit he will change shape into the correct basic unit type and color to match that player. So if you get near a Blue Barracks you become a Blue Marine. If you get near a Red Stalker you become a Red Zealot, etc.

Enemy players cannot control the Changeling, it's still owned and controlled by the Zerg player who created it. It is very vulnerable and can be killed by a single hit from just about anything. The Changeling cannot fight. He is just a shapeshifter, when he looks like a Marine that gun in his hand isn't "real".

You can see that something is a Changeling by mousing over the unit, by trying (and failing) to drag select or by selecting the unit and seeing the name and portrait.

The new queen is very different, being a powerful attacking ground dwelling support unit ideal for zerg defense. Multiple queens can be built.

Has a fast regeneration rate. The Roach will defeat almost all other units one-on-one, as its health regeneration of 15 HP per second will be greater than most units' attack capabilities. This will require the opponent to focus fire on one roach at a time to be able to defeat them, and their foremost strength is in battles with few number of combatants. A Roach can heal fast enough to retain approximately 50% of its hit points if hit by the full time of a Psi Storm, and over 80% of its hit points after its regeneration has been upgraded.

The main counter to a Roach attack is to micromanage the attacks of units to kill one Roach at a time with focused fire.
Can attack ground units.

Now has four scythes instead of two. In addition, it can now burrow.
Can attack ground units.

Fast melee attacker, can be upgraded into a baneling (cfr infra).
Can attack ground units.

This green rolling unit is mutated from the zergling. It has a suicidal attack. It's upgraded from the Zergling, and gives a relatively high "bang for the buck" as it's a relatively cheap unit that can go a lot of damage, especially to buildings.

The best way to counter them is air units or focus fire micromanagement.

The splash is an AoE damage that gives full damage to any enemy unit or building in the radius. Luckily for friendly units, it will only actually harm its enemies.
Can attack ground units