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CIA was founded during the summer of 1999 by [Vision~CIA]
and [Lordscum~CIA], two newbies that were going to get on the nerves of many
people rrrrr.

Starcraft is the game where it all started. A game did not end or we somehow
pissed off our opponent, damn that was so much fun. The first thing we had
to decide was what our tag was going to be. After some thinking it ended up
between p@k and CIA, where p@k was 'Professional @ss Kickers' and CIA was
'Conspiracy of Independent Assassins'. We chose CIA, a fresh
new starcraft clan was born. With very few members, after a small month we
had the members called : Toxi, Pope, Tyfus, Antigo, Patriot, Croquette, Wodan.
We didn't
get much respect in the beginning, which was more then normal since we didn’t
really treat anyone else with respect either. But we sure as hell did have
a load of fun and laughs, one of those moments is burned in our memory forever




Lordscum left CIA for his own reasons at some time, then rejoined.

Diablo 2 was once a part of CIA, a section ran by [Tyfus~CIA]
if I'm not mistaking.

We also have and had and have a Mohaa section. We started this section after a night of intensive
testing, it took us till 5am to decide, but heck we had so much fun gaming we
forgot about taking a decision.

Then we also had a Warcraft 3 section, which turned in a TFT

The Tribes2 team can't be ignored of course.

The RavenShield section, aaah a piece of beauty.

Tribes didn't leave CIA entirely, Tribes Vengeance was next
in line. Unfortunately the community didn't live up to our expectations, basically
there were too few players. If you can't find any recruits it's hard to stay
alive. After a couple of slow months the section, lead by Shadowcat, decided
to stop.

The day WoW came out Hellguy and Locopyro lead CIA into battle.



PS : if you're wondering what happened to our [Nickname~CIA]
Tag.We had to change it a year or three ago, when battle.net no longer allowed
special chars in front of your nick, since then we have the Nickname[CIA] tag.

PPS : It goes without question that a lot more things happened, like restructuring
CIA etc...